Hey Love!

I want to push the boundaries of "professional" color!

I am here to shake the professional worlds hair "norms", to give everyone the hair that shows their true identity without limitations.

Let's create a world in which your hair color, tattoos, piercings, your true personality can shine without affecting the job you have or could have.


Specializing in Vivid Color, Balayage & Color Corrections.

"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is the ability to give my clients hair that makes their soul shine.

When you sit in my chair, plan to leave with hair that you never thought you could have."


   Do it with Passion or not at all. If you asked anyone who knew me throughout middle and high school they would all say I was the girl with different hair every week!

   My hair was my way of self expression. And to this day I still believe hair plays a bigger role in who we are than we know. 

   Individuality is beautiful. Fun fact, I was adopted from China when I was just 14months old. I have an older sister who is also adopted and is my polar oppposite. So to all the younger siblings out there, I know how you feel!

   Acceptance is key. I am not sure where my food loving, houseplant obsessed, crystal collecting addiction comes from but I accept that those things make up who I am. I am an avid Flea Market attendee and the types of people I encounter on a daily basis are so different in the most beautiful way. In my chair, everyone and anyone is accepted because this world could use a lot more acceptance.

    My ability to make a difference for people day in and day out, to give you the hair that you've always dreamt of and the hair that will make your soul shine is why I do more than just hair.